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Family photos that you’ll love sharing and will cherish for a lifetime.

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Family, Kids, Couples & Pet Photos in Chaska, Waconia, Eden Prairie, MN and surrounding area

Your family is the most important thing in your life and you want to capture them to cherish this time forever! From newborn babies to fur babies and every other kind of family, let me help you create a session that shows your unique love and connection.

Whether you want a studio session for a one year cake smash, an outdoor session in the fall leaves, or a fun home session that’s comfortable and documents your life, I can help you plan the perfect day and time. I will help you with all the details, suggest clothing styles, and find a location that fits you.

You will love the images we take and will want to share them and hang them in your home to enjoy.

My newborn sessions are conveniently in your home–so comfortable and convenient! No need to pack up and drag yourself around after just having a baby. In-home sessions are the perfect way to create natural, beautiful, and memorable portraits of your new baby and your family.

Let me help with the spots in your home where the lighting works best and I can make sure we have all the best angles and capture the sweetness of a new baby. Your babies room, crib, or bassinet make a perfect place to document this time. Sessions are during the day with natural light for baby’s soft features.

Pricing and session packages.

I have the tips and the tricks to make the session great for you and your family.

10 Tips for A Great Family Photo Session

1. Consider the day and time of day.

with small children, think about when they are at their best and be sure not to schedule around nap time. Weekend appointments go fast and may not be available so you may want to take time during the week for your session. I usually schedules outdoor sessions in the morning and two to three hours before sunset.

2. Get everything you will need for your session ready ahead of time.

schedule hair cuts and colors for those who need it. Bring clothing items to the dry cleaner or wash and iron them. If you wear glasses i recommend borrowing frames without lenses from the place you bought your glasses for your session to avoid glare and/or extra charges for retouching. If your glasses are “transitionals” this is especially important so you don’t have dark lenses when we step outside.

3. Make sure everyone is in the same season and style of clothing.

i recommend everyone is in the same sleeve length for a more polished portrait. Dressing everyone in comfortable clothing helps for an easy and fun session. If it is cold or winter please dress in layers so you can stay warmer. Layering a few long sleeves under a sweater will help children look and feel less cold! Please try on new clothes before the session day and remove tags so you are confident that clothing fits properly and we aren’t having to retouch tags out of your photos.

4. Avoid shimmery or glittery makeup.

although this may be a fun look, having a glow or looking shiny in photos is not flattering. Bring all your makeup with you so you are able to reapply if needed. Men, please shave and trim carefully to avoid missed spots or cuts.

5. Be sure everyone has clean nails or polish.

nail polish should not be grown out or chipped. Also check guys for dirty nails from work or stains on their hands. Avoid children getting stickers or tattoos on arms and hands and clean off marker and paint.

6. If you have fun ideas for your portraits like balloons or props that tell your story please let me know!

it can also be a great idea for keeping kids attention during the session. If you have a friend, neighbor, or relative that works well with your kids that can be a great way to get family looking and smiling towards the camera. A favorite babysitter can get the expression you want from your children!

7. Bring the dog!

if your dog is a member of your family please bring the dog. It can make the session more challenging but we don’t want to leave them out if they are important. If your pet is not cooperating, be prepared to put them in the car or have someone come to hold the leash.

8. Please don’t come hungry.

if your session is near a mealtime please feed your family before your session or at least give them a snack. Your session may end up going long and hungry families aren’t as cooperative. Have a snack along in case you need it.

9. If you have questions please feel free to reach out to me by phone or email.

need ideas for clothing or anything else? I can help!

10. Your smile is your best feature.

i tend to talk and engage with you and your kids to create natural smiles. If you need help, let me know! Saying “cheese” creates a forced/fake smile, so let me help with a word that works! Not all the photos need to have everyone looking and smiling at the camera. I love to play games that show connection and your love for each other.