You’ll want to get ready for your photoshoot ahead of time. Here’s everything you could need to know.

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    Multiple locations for every look within just blocks of the studio!

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    My studio has many backdrops and lighting options

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    I can come to your home or place of business

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How It Works

What To Expect After You Have Booked Your Session

Hang some love on your walls!

  1. You booked your session day and time, congratulations! Now is the time to schedule hair appointments and get clothing ready for the session day. Also, please read the pdf titled ‘Tips For A Great Photo Session’.
  2. Meet at the studio unless you and Lynn have chosen a different location when booking. Payment is due at this time. If you are sick or it is not a good day for a photo session, please consult with Lynn: (952)-210-2688.
  3. Lynn will edit and retouch your images from your session and order your proofs. This may take 10 days to two weeks depending on the time of year. You will be contacted by text or email with available pick up times and days. Your proofs are yours to keep and will help you make your selections.
  4. Pick up proofs at the studio and take them home. Make your selections on digital files or prints you would like to order. If you have chosen the package including all the digitals, you should get the download email the day you pick up proofs.
  5. Place your order!
    Email or text your order to Lynn with the file numbers on the proofs or snap pics with your phone. You may also schedule an in-person meeting.
  6. Lynn will have digital files emailed to you in a download within 48 hours unless you have requested additional retouching.
    Print orders will take a week or more. You will receive an email letting you know that your order is in at the studio and available times/days to pick up.
  7. If you have ordered digital files, please download and save them as soon as possible. The download link expires after 90 days and an additional fee will apply to resend.
  8. Tell your friends!

If you had a great session and love your photos please share with neighbors, family, and friends so I can help them as well! I appreciate a shout out on social media, Facebook or a Google review. Thanks so much!

10 Tips for a Great Photo Session

  1. Consider the day and time of day.
    With small children, think about when they are at their best and be sure not to schedule around nap time. Weekend appointments go fast and may not be available so you may want to take time during the week for your session. I usually schedules outdoor sessions in the morning and two to three hours before sunset.
  2. Get everything you will need for your session ready ahead of time.
    Schedule hair cuts and colors for those who need it. Bring clothing items to the dry cleaner or wash and iron them. If you wear glasses i recommend borrowing frames without lenses from the place you bought your glasses for your session to avoid glare and/or extra charges for retouching. If your glasses are “transitionals” this is especially important so you don’t have dark lenses when we step outside.
  3. Make sure everyone is in the same season and style of clothing.
    I recommend everyone is in the same sleeve length for a more polished portrait. Dressing everyone in comfortable clothing helps for an easy and fun session. If it is cold or winter please dress in layers so you can stay warmer. Layering a few long sleeves under a sweater will help children look and feel less cold! Please try on new clothes before the session day and remove tags so you are confident that clothing fits properly and we aren’t having to retouch tags out of your photos.
  4. Avoid shimmery or glittery makeup.
    Although this may be a fun look, having a glow or looking shiny in photos is not flattering. Bring all your makeup with you so you are able to reapply if needed. Men, please shave and trim carefully to avoid missed spots or cuts.
  5. Be sure everyone has clean nails or polish.
    Nail polish should not be grown out or chipped. Also check guys for dirty nails from work or stains on their hands. Avoid children getting stickers or tattoos on arms and hands and clean off marker and paint.
  6. If you have fun ideas for your portraits like balloons or props that tell your story please let me know!
    It can also be a great idea for keeping kids attention during the session. If you have a friend, neighbor, or relative that works well with your kids that can be a great way to get family looking and smiling towards the camera. A favorite babysitter can get the expression you want from your children!
  7. Bring the dog!
    If your dog is a member of your family please bring the dog. It can make the session more challenging but we don’t want to leave them out if they are important. If your pet is not cooperating, be prepared to put them in the car or have someone come to hold the leash.
  8. Please don’t come hungry.
    If your session is near a mealtime please feed your family before your session or at least give them a snack. Your session may end up going long and hungry families aren’t as cooperative. Have a snack along in case you need it.
  9. If you have questions please feel free to reach out to me by phone or email.
    Need ideas for clothing or anything else? I can help!
  10. Your smile is your best feature.
    I tend to talk and engage with you and your kids to create natural smiles. If you need help, let me know! Saying “cheese” creates a forced/fake smile, so let me help with a word that works! Not all the photos need to have everyone looking and smiling at the camera. I love to play games that show connection and your love for each other.