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High School Graduation photos that are fun and easy that show off your senior’s personally

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Graduation Senior Photography in Chaska, Waconia, Eden Prairie, MN and surrounding area

Do you need senior photos of your upcoming high school senior? Graduation photos are a milestone that every parent wants for their child. It doesn’t matter if this is your first, last, or only child; I can help you create a fun and easy session to show off your senior’s personally. Let me help with the day, time, and all the details. I have the tips and the tricks to make the session great for you and your senior.

No need to scout out locations! I have lots of great locations for any vibe you need and the perfect light to highlight your child. I will help you from the first contact to the delivery of your images with anything you need to have the perfect senior session.

Chaska Sessions make perfect senior pics! Lynn’s Studio in Downtown Chaska is perfect for meeting, changing and freshening up! She has amazing locations most within blocks of the studio. Have a vibe you are trying to get? Ask Lynn!

Pricing and session packages.

10 Tips for a Great Graduation Senior Photo Session

1. Consider the day and time of day.

Monday after a weekend on the boat is not a good day for a session. If scheduling after something rigorous planned like wrestling camp please go a week or two out for your session. Both morning and evening light are beautiful! Morning can be better because your hair and make-up is fresh but keep in mind things like puffy eyes or anything that won’t make morning a great time for you. Share your ideas with me so i can make sure we have chosen the right time.

2. Avoid lens glare.

If you wear glasses, try to borrow a pair of frames without lenses or have your lenses removed for the session. Extra retouching may be needed for glare even if you have non-glare lenses. It’s best to avoid retouching eyes if possible.

3. Wear something that makes you feel confident.

What should I wear? That is the biggest question I hear from seniors. Here is my best advice: I don’t recommend white it doesn’t photograph well. Also, I don’t recommend sleeveless. I do recommend clothes that fit well and are comfortable. Make sure it isn’t something that you have to fuss with and adjust. Tops that show off your tummy or very low cut are not recommended for senior photos.

Do bring a variety of options and make sure they are clean and ironed if needed. Don’t forget any necessary undergarments, belts and socks! Solids are better than busy patterns and jeans are always a great choice. Girls, do bring at least one dress and guys, feel free to bring a nice button down shirt and even a tie and jacket! Finally, do make sure you have tried on your outfits at home prior to photo session day. Just in case!

Oh, and don’t forget the coordinating shoes!

4. Girls, avoid too much shimmer.

Girls, when choosing make up try to avoid glitter, shimmer, or anything that adds “glow” as it can add too much shine. Wear a lip color even if it is barely there. Bring all your makeup for any needed touch ups! Be sure your nails and toe nails look clean or freshly painted.

5. Guys, make sure you shave.

Unless you like a scruffy look. If you do, be mindful of how many days of growth you like. Same goes for haircuts. Some like it fresh the first day and some like it with a week or two grown out. If you have gotten some sun the haircut could show un-tanned areas.

6. Be careful with the spray tans and lotions.

Make sure they are even and a natural skin tone. I advise getting a professional spray tan.

7. Hide tan lines.

If you work an outdoor summer job you may have tan lines you don’t like so consider clothing choices that hide those lines. Or, if you have bruised and scuffed knees please don’t wear shorts, choose pants or jeans instead.

8. Bring a prop if it screams you!

Bring your favorite cowboy boots or cowboy hat if it screams you! If you love to add some fun bring flowers or balloons or bubbles. I love when we add a beloved pet into a few shots! Do you have a favorite hobby that we can highlight? Let’s try it!

9. Don’t come hangry.

Be well rested and have something to eat or a snack. You will photograph better when you feel better! That being said if you become ill, don’t force yourself to keep a session appointment, just give me a call and we can reschedule.

10. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

I am happy to help you prepare! Text, email or phone call is fine. I’ll make sure your session is fun, quick and easy! If you would like a link to senior photo suggestions for posing and clothing just ask me!