How do professional photos improve your dating profile

If you are hoping to meet that someone special, and you are using an online dating service, then you know that you need to have good photos of yourself!

In fact you are usually required to upload a photo to be “live” on a dating service site. A good dating app photo isn’t all that different than a business headshot in that you need a quality photo that is clear, shows your face, and the appropriate size.

Also much like a business headshot you are trying to attract a certain type of person. When I work with business clients we talk about who their ideal client is and how we should pose or dress to attract that person. Even the expression and smile are intentional when photographing someone for business. So when you are having a photo taken for a dating service you should also imagine who your ideal date/partner would be? Are you a more serious type or always funny and playful? Are you hoping to meet someone that loves activities and adventure? Then what you wear, your pose, and where your photo is taken should show that. Having your photos done professionally will help you stand out in a sea of candid phone pictures on a dating site and isn’t that what you want?

Here are a few tips I found about online dating photos that you should consider before you post pictures of yourself on a dating app.

  1. A clear, well lit close up is needed for your profile and it is the first photo people see so it should show a little personality and grab someone’s attention. Remember first impressions matter!
  2. At least one real smiling photo.
  3. Include your pet or pets if you have them.
  4. If travel is your thing go ahead and show photos from your most recent travels.
  5. At least one photo dressed helps the other person imagine going out with you to that special place or even as your plus one to an upcoming wedding.
  6. Doing something active like out biking or at the lake. Showing yourself doing what you love to do will hopefully attract someone with similar interests.
  7. Full length is necessary to show your physique and avoid any misunderstandings.
  8. Something candid where you aren’t looking and it looks like you didn’t know you were being photographed.
  9. Do include one “selfie” of yourself. They are fun, personal, and we are used to seeing people like that, but not for your profile image.

Do not use photos with a filter, with a fish, in a bathroom, at a party, or at the gym! (top no-nos for dating photos)

No photos that include your ex! It’s confusing.

Some of these “don’t dos” may seem more obvious but the reasons range from “too common” to “just plain boring”. No one wants to see the gym photos of you working out with weights and everyone is tired of the guy smiling and holding up a fish!

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