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Professional branding images that are perfect for where and how they will connect with your clients.

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Website & Branding Photography in Chaska, Waconia, Eden Prairie, MN and surrounding area

Not only does my 20 plus years of experience in photography make me a skilled branding photographer, but the business person I am is what helps me understand what you need for images! I can help you plan a session that is easy and creates images that connect you with your ideal client. I have the tips and the tricks to make the session great for you.

I know the difference between a session for a billboard shot and a session for an employee headshot. Your website person said you need photos? I can help you create image that will make your website stand out against your competition! Social media has you needing a lot of different images? I can help plan a session that will give you all the photos you need for every post you make on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

I have been a part of many business groups, sat on boards, attending lots of networking events, and have met so many people from so many different businesses that I will exceed your expectations while creating your business images. Not sure where to start or how this all works? Let’s connect!

8 Tips for A Great Business Branding Photo Session

1. Consider the day and time of day.

please discuss with lynn if you would like your session in studio or outside. If there is a specific location, she may want to check in advance for the lighting. Lynn will be able to advise you on time of day for what you want.

When scheduling with a group sometimes you need to schedule photos around work commitments. Keep that in mind. As a general rule, people look more fresh in the morning before lunch.

2. Get everything you will need for your session ready ahead of time.

schedule hair cuts and colors for those who need it. Bring clothing items to the dry cleaner or wash and iron them. If you wear glasses i recommend borrowing frames without lenses from the place you bought your glasses for your session to avoid glare and/or extra charges for retouching. If your glasses are “transitionals” this is especially important so you don’t have dark lenses when we step outside.

3. What to wear.

for groups, make sure everyone is in the same sleeve length and/or season. Coordinating colors or matching look fine. For a business headshot i recommend a sleeve or jacket. Avoid white unless it is a “white coat” or your company’s logo wear. Bring a back up outfit just in case!

4. Avoid shimmery or glittery makeup.

although this may be a fun look, having a glow or looking shiny in photos is not flattering. Bring all your makeup with you so you are able to reapply if needed. Men, please shave and trim carefully to avoid missed spots or cuts.

5. Clean nails.

don’t forget to have clean nails or clean nail polish free of chips in case your hands show in your photo.

6. If you need props don’t forget to let me know!

i can help incorporate your prop into your photo. Maybe a sold sign for a realtor or a fishing rod for the lake guide. If you have a prop let me know!

7. Ask your marking or website person what you need.

if you aren’t sure what you need and you have a marketing or website professional you have hired, be sure to ask them what size files or specific images you need to get. Sometimes for larger companies you must use a specific color backdrop or you might need to wear a certain color. Be sure to check!

8. Don’t know where to start?

let me know and I can help you plan for a great session!