Make Money as a Photographer

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Make Money as a Photographer

You have the camera, the lights, the skill, and the desire; so what is stopping you from earning an income or at least a side income doing photography? Sometimes you need someone to look at the whole picture to help you figure out the solution.

Making it as a Professional Photographer

Whether you have tried running a photography business and could never get it going or you are trying to do this for the first time, I can help you sort out the details of what you need, where you still need to put the practice in, and how to move forward with the right steps to actually create a business.

Focused Photographer Coaching

With my process of assessing your photography skill, equipment, goals, and area of work, we will design a plan that will set you on a path of success. You will have a way to improve the skills that needs improving and you will get the help you need to figure this business thing out!
This isn’t a coaching program filled with fluffy inspiration and confusing marketing but no actual way to do it. I will individually come up with a plan to help you move forward with learning what you need to know and getting yourself set up and positioned to begin doing photography as a business even if it is just a side hustle.

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