10 tips for a great senior photo session

10 tips for a great senior photo session

It’s that time of year again for summer fun and senior photo sessions for upcoming high school seniors! Your senior photos are a big deal but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are some tips and tricks to make your session easy and your senior pictures amazing!

10 Tips for a Great Senior Photo Session

  1. Be prepared! Schedule haircuts, get clothing choices ready, and make sure you are not up late the day before your session.
  2. Make sure you eat something before you leave for your session, even if it is just a snack. Then be sure to brush your teeth!
  3. Bring your dog if you can. Pups make everything more fun!
  4. Prep your skin! Make sure to moisturize all areas that will be showing including arms, legs, hands and feet!
  5. Girls avoid shimmery makeup and make sure your nails are done.
  6. Guys make sure your shave or trim is even and have clean nails.
  7. Bring more clothing choices than you need and don’t forget the accessories and undergarments. Belts, jewelry, shoes, and everything that goes with your outfits.
  8. If you wear glasses make sure they are clean and if they do not have anti-glare on the lens opt for bringing an empty set of frames. The less retouching around your eyes the better.
  9. Be on time or 10 minutes early! It is only going to stress you out if you are late and we are working with the sun so the time was chosen for that.
  10. Relax! Make it fun and enjoy yourself. It will make for great expressions in your senior photos!

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