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Lynn Laumann Photography Senior-photo-034

When is my senior photo submission deadline for the yearbook?

Lynn Laumann Photography Senior-photo-034

When is my senior photo submission deadline for the yearbook?

Your senior photo that goes in the high school yearbook is one of the reasons you need senior pictures. You will want to keep in mind when your senior photo is due at your high school so there is enough time for you or your parent to submit it to yearbook staff or upload it to the link the school provides. This image file is usually a specific size that I will create for you and send to you by email.

For example if you go to Chanhassen High School, and the deadline is November 1st, you will want to make sure you have enough time after the session and you have received the final photos to choose your yearbook photo and ask for the correct sized file, and then I need to get it back to you and you need to upload it.

So my recommendation is to be scheduling photo sessions no later than a month before the yearbook deadline so there is enough time for you to receive the retouched finished photos, pick your favorite, and get it submitted. In this case you should be scheduling your session no later than October 1st and that is assuming we won’t need to reschedule for bad weather or illness.

Here are the dates of some of the high schools in the southwest metro area and their deadlines for turning in the yearbook photo.

Have more questions?

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When should I schedule my senior photos?

Lynn Laumann-senior-pics-12x8

When should I schedule my senior photos?

This is a great question from the class of 2025 soon to be seniors and the parents of the upcoming seniors!

When is the best time of year to schedule senior photos?

I have been helping parents and juniors make this decision for 25 years and here are some of the things to keep in mind when trying to decide when to book a senior photo session.
First, senior photos in this area (Minnesota) are typically taken in the summer before senior year so that you have the photos done and you can submit your senior photo to the yearbook before the deadline. For example, Waconia High School has a deadline for the senior photo submission of around Oct 30th and so does Chaska High School and Chanhassen High School, but Shakopee High School is usually due around the beginning of March and a few other schools have later deadlines as well. Make sure you know when your school’s deadline is for photo submission and also what the photo requirements are.

My personal favorite time of year to do senior photos as a photographer is June and here is the reason why. June is still cool, less humid, and not so buggy. The great thing about getting your photos done in June is then you are done and you can enjoy the rest of your summer! If there is bad weather and we need to reschedule there is plenty of time to get the session done without worry of running out of dates.

Picking a day for your senior photos

If you have a job, activities, sports, or any other commitments over the summer you need to start looking at your schedule to get your session on the photographers calendar. If you are going out of the country on a mission trip schedule your session before or 3-4 weeks after your return so you are feeling back to normal for photo day. Are you getting braces on or off? Are you having surgery over the summer for wisdom teeth or anything else? These are things to consider when scheduling senior photos.

Most of my session are going to be in the morning because you can count on cooler temperatures and consistent light so if you need afternoon for a specific reason please ask. You will look fresher in the morning! Do you have a job outside like construction or working at a county park? If you are light skinned consider how your skin will look by the end of summer and decide accordingly.

Are you going on a medication like accutane that will make your skin red and very dry? Find out more about how long the side affects last and schedule before or after you have been on it a while. I have seen lips so chapped from medication that a senior boy or girl could barely smile. That is not the look you are going for!

Avoid the rush!

Waiting for fall may seem like a great idea but it really does not look like “fall” until the 2nd or 3rd week in October and that is prime time for me and my studio. Also that is cutting it tight for a few school deadlines to get your photos back. Waiting until after Labor Day and school has started is not a good idea for scheduling a senior photo session. Now you have to take time off of school because you have after school activities, sports after school, or a job and the only time to do it is during the school day.

The best time to schedule a senior photo session is June, July and August before school starts. Have a unique situation or specific question? Reach out and start a conversation! Lynnlaumann@gmail.com

Chaska High School Class of 2023 seniors, time to book senior photos

Chaska High School Class of 2023 seniors, time to book senior photos!

Chaska High School Class of 2023 seniors, time to book senior photos

If you are in the class of 2023 at Chaska High School in Chaska, MN or anywhere in the southwest metro area of Minneapolis it is time to find a senior photographer and book your senior photo session! I am a full time professional photographer and I have come up with these five tips for finding a great senior photographer for your senior photos.

One) use your friend Google to search “senior photo photographers near me” and see who comes up on the first page. You don’t need to go to another city or far away for your photos. A good photographer will make the focus on you, not the area you are in. Keeping it local allows you to be less stressed out because you don’t have to drive a long distance for your session which can make for a long day and you might not feel as fresh! Remember the location is not the most important thing and is not the factor that will make you more comfortable. Your photographer will make sure you feel comfortable.

Two) definitely look at each photographers website and social media to get a good feel for their style and if it is what you like. Every photographer has a way of capturing light and the subject’s expressions and even the post work on photos is unique so make sure what you see is what you like!  The style should be consistent so you know you will get something similar to what you see. If everything on the website is warm or orange then you will most likely get that as well. So be sure you love the photographer’s style!

Three) check the reviews like you would anything else. An established photographer should have plenty of good reviews so you can see people have been happy with the experience and product they have received!

Four) Start to communicate with a phone call, email, or text and ask questions like “how do I book a session”? “Where are you located”? Or “can I get your information on senior photos”? You should be able to create some easy communication from the start and that may be a good sign that the photographer will be easy to talk to and it will be easy to ask questions. This good communication is important before, during, and after the session!

Five) Yes, this is last on purpose! Price. This is the last thing you should consider when choosing a photographer. I can’t tell you how many times I hear about someone not liking their photos or even having to go do a second session because they didn’t get photos they love. Cheaper is not better, and even if you are on a budget there should be a way the photographer can work with you. Price should never be the only reason you choose your senior photographer! also, If they won’t give you prices until after the session? This is a red flag that they are over priced or something isn’t right. I will not book a session until I know my client has seen my pricing.

My studio is located in downtown Chaska and it has so many great spots with every look you could want! The best part is you can never really tell where it was taken because I make sure the focus is on you! A studio consultation is no charge and no obligation, email me for available times. lynnlaumann@gmail.com

How to Choose a Photographer

How to Choose a Photographer

How to Choose a Photographer

Choosing a photographer that is a good fit for you

So your upcoming high school senior needs a senior photo session, or your new job is requesting an updated headshot, maybe you just have been really wanting a new family photo and you are finally ready? If you are looking for a photographer it probably seems like no big deal right? Just do a quick Google search and call someone to book a session?

There are a few reasons you may want to put a little work into booking the right photographer. First off most photographers specialize in a specific type of photography such as weddings and events, graduating seniors and families, business headshots, or even real estate photos. Find a few photographers that do the kind of work you need, in the area you want, and check out their websites.

Every photographer has a style, a way they use light or lighting, maybe they pose more naturally or more formal, and even the editing is going to be unique to each photographer. Each website should have a gallery of photos that you can look at to see if you like the style. A perfect example is newborn photography. Some newborn sessions are in the studio with props and wraps and a sleeping baby and some sessions are more lifestyle with home as the backdrop and mom and dad are holding the baby in the nursery.

Find a photographer or two that matches the look you want to achieve and reach out by phone or email and get some more information. Is the photographer responsive and helpful? They should ask the questions that help them help you with your session scheduling. If you need new photos for a website the photographer should ask you about size and orientation, placement of photos, the vibe of your business and website colors, and even be willing to be in contact with your website creator. Of course their is personality and that matters as well.

Do you need help getting comfortable in front of the camera? Do you have a fun upbeat personality and you want your photographer to be fun also? Are your kids shy and nervous and they need a soft mom type presence for the session to go well? Once you have found the style you like and the photographer’s personality is also a match check out the reviews and testimonials like you would for any other service.

Lastly, because you can’t put an average cost on creativity, you may want to look at price. If a photographer won’t give you all the information or pricing until after the session that is definitely a red flag. Photographers vary a great deal in their pricing and what you get in your package. But price should not be the first or only thing you use to make your decision when looking to hire a photographer. Remember the old saying, “you get what you pay for”!